Transactions: 2001 & ealier

12/27/01 - New Orleans Saints sign TE Johnny Mitchell
12/19/01 - Green Bay Packers sign S Scott Frost
12/12/01 - Baltimore Ravens sign WR Bobby Newcombe to the practice squad
12/11/01 - Cleveland Browns cut S Scott Frost
11/23/01 - Indianapolis Colts waived WR Bobby Newcombe
11/21/01 - Tennessee Titans signed RB Dan Alexander off their practice squad
11/14/01 - San Diego Chargers placed LB Carlos Polk on injured reserve
11/07/01 - Indianapolis Colts sign WR Bobby Newcombe
11/05/01 - Carolina Panthers placed DE Jason Peter on injured reserve
11/01/01 - Boston Celtics (NBA) sign free agent G Erick Strickland
10/26/01 - Arizona Cardinals placed DE Kyle Vanden Bosch on injured reserve with a right knee injury
10/23/01 - New England Patriots cut P Dan Hadenfeldt from the practice squad
10/15/01 - New England Patriots sign P Dan Hadenfeldt to the practice squad
10/05/01 - San Diego Chargers DT John Parrella and LB John Holecek were assessed $5,000 fines for personal foul penalties incurred in last week's game vs Cincinnati
09/28/01 - Montreal Allouettes (CFL) cut P Bill Lafleur
09/27/01 - Oakland Raiders sign C Aaron Graham
09/08/01 - Montreal Allouettes (CFL) sign P Bill Lafleur
09/08/01 - Tennessee Titans re-sign RB Dan Alexander to their practice squad
09/07/01 - Tennessee Titans release RB Dan Alexander
09/06/01 - Arizona Cardinals cut WR Bobby Newcombe
09/03/01 - Oakland Raiders release OL Aaron Graham
09/03/01 - New Orleans Saints release TE Johnny Mitchell and P Bill Lafleur
09/03/01 - New York Jets release DT Jason Wiltz
08/29/01 - Cleveland Browns sign S Scott Frost
08/29/01 - Arizona Cardinals place WR Bobby Newcombe on the IR list
08/28/01 - Green Bay Packers placed DT Steve Warren on the physically unable to perform list
08/27/01 - Chicago Bears waive LB Donta Jones
08/27/01 - Arizona Cardinals waive DL Jared Tomich
08/27/01 - New York Jets waive S Scott Frost and LB Doug Colman
08/26/01 - Detroit Lions cut DT Loren Kaiser
08/20/01 - Washing Redskins cut OG Jason Schwab
08/08/01 - Oakland Raiders sign C Aaron Graham
08/07/01 - Chicago Bears sign free agent LB Donta Jones who had been with the Saints
08/03/01 - New England Patriots cut P Dan Hadenfeldt
08/03/01 - Buffalo Bills announce that WR Matt Davison has left camp
07/28/01 - New York Jets placed S Scott Frost on the non-football injury list
07/25/01 - Arizona Cardinals sign DL Jared Tomich to a 1-year deal worth an NFL minimum $448,000 with no signing bonus
07/24/01 - Green Bay Packers sign RB Ahman Green to a 5-year worth ~$4 million a year with a bonus around $5 million
07/23/01 - Detroit Lions sign their 2001 2nd round draft pick C Dominic Raiola to a 4-year, $2.7M contract including an option year and a $1.3M in reporting and option bonuses
07/18/01 - Washington Wizards sign G Tyronn Lue, who had been with the LA Lakers
07/10/01 - Tennessee Titans sign their 2001 6th round draft pick RB Dan Alexander
07/02/01 - Tennessee Titans re-sign CB Michael Booker to a two-year deal
06/30/01 - Montreal Allouettes (CFL) place CB Barron Miles on injured reserve until July 11th
06/28/01 - Seattle Seahawks promote Eric Stokes to pro personnel assistant
06/22/01 - Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) cut LB Troy Dumas
06/20/01 - San Diego Chargers sign their 2001 4th round draft pick LB Carlos Polk to a 3-year deal
06/05/01 - New Orleans Saints sign TE Johnny Mitchell
06/01/01 - Oklahoma Wranglers (AFL) place C/NG Josh Heskew on the injured reserve with a separated right shoulder
05/30/01 - Kansas City Chiefs re-sign RFA CB Eric Warfield to the club's 1-year, $512K tender offer
05/29/01 - Arizona Cardinals sign their 2001 6th round draft pick WR Bobby Newcombe to a 3-year, $974,000 contract with a $78,000 signing bonus
05/24/01 - Philadelphia Eagles sign their 2001 4th round draft pick RB Correll Buckhalter to a 3-year, 1.17M contract with a $275,000 signing bonus
05/08/01 - Lincoln Lightning (af2) sign S Troy Watchorn
05/03/01 - Toronto Phantoms (AFL) placed FB/LB Daren Williams on the injured reserve
05/01/01 - Toronto Phantoms (AFL) acquired FB/LB David White via a trade with Buffalo
05/01/01 - Green Bay Packers resign RB Ahman Green to a 1-year, $1.115M deal
04/25/01 - New England Patriots sign rookie free agent P Dan Hadenfeldt
04/25/01 - Dallas Cowboys sign rookie free agent S Clint Finley
04/24/01 - Buffalo Bills sign rookie free agent WR Matt Davison
04/24/01 - Detroit Lions sign rookie free agent DT Loren Kaiser
04/23/01 - Washington Redskins sign G Jason Schwab as an undrafted free agent
04/23/01 - Tennessee Titans sign S Joe Walker as an undrafted free agent
04/23/01 - Indianapolis Colts sign former Giants DT Christian Peter to a 2-year, $2.55M contract
04/19/01 - Toronto Phantoms (AFL) sign FB/LB Daren Williams
04/13/01 - New York Jets resign S Scott Frost
04/07/01 - Lincoln Lightning (af2) sign TE Eric Alford
04/04/01 - New York Jets sign LB Doug Colman
04/01/01 - Berlin Thunder (NFLE) waive OL Jon Zatechka
03/21/01 - Oklahoma Wranglers (AFL) sign FB/LB Daren Williams
03/20/01 - Denver Broncos agree to contract with assistant head coach Zaven Yaralian (Played at Nebraska 1972-74)
03/19/01 - San Jose Saber Cats (AFL) placed OL/DL Larry Townsend on the refused to report list
03/19/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) sign OG/C Aaron Graham
03/16/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) activated S Jamel Williams from the practice squad
03/13/01 - Florida Bobcats (AFL) sign RB Lawrence Phillips
03/09/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) place S Jamel Williams on the practice squad
03/09/01 - Detroit Lions have signed OG Brenden Stai to a five-year, ~$9M deal
03/06/01 - San Francisco Demons (XFL) aquire S Toby Wright in trade with Las Vegas
03/05/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) trade S Toby Wright to the San Francisco Demons
03/04/01 - Carolina Panthers agree to a 5-year, $17M contract ($4M signing bonus) with S Mike Minter
03/03/01 - Arizona Cardinals agree to a 3-year contract with OL Chris Dishman (Terms Undisclosed)
03/01/01 - Jacksonville Jaguars cut G Brenden Stai
03/01/01 - Kansas City Chiefs sign G Will Shields to a 6-year, worth $26M ($7M signing bonus)
03/01/01 - Detroit Lions agree to a 4-year, $4M contract with FB Cory Schlesinger
02/26/01 - Wichita Stealth (af2) sign OL/DL Matt Baldwin
02/22/01 - Lincoln Lightning (af2) have been assigned OL/DL Brian Nunns
02/21/01 - Wichita Stealth (af2) sign OL/DL Matt Baldwin
02/21/01 - Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) sign LB Troy Dumas
02/21/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) place S Toby Wright on IR
02/21/01 - Washington Redskins waive WR Irving Fryar
02/20/01 - NFL Europe-NFL free agent draft: The Scottish Claymores select LB Tony Ortiz in the 7th round, #38 overall; and the Frankfurt Galaxy select LB Julius Jackson in the 10th round, #55 overall
02/20/01 - New Orleans Saints allocate P Bill Lafleur to NFL Europe, NFLE team to be determined
02/15/01 - San Francisco Demons (XFL) waive RB Derek Brown
02/13/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) waive LB Julius Jackson
02/00/01 - Lincoln Lightning (af2) sign OL/DL Brian Nunns
02/00/01 - Lincoln Lightning (af2) sign Tony Veland
02/00/01 - Lincoln Lightning (af2) sign Clester Johnson
01/30/01 - New York Knicks (NBA) trade Erick Strickland and 2 draft picks to Vancouver for Othella Harrington
01/28/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws cut LB Tony Ortiz
01/25/01 - New York Dragons (formerly the Iowa Barnstormers) (AFL) waived FB Vershan Jackson, though it is unknown when they signed him
01/22/01 - Washington Redskins assign Dave Redding as Strength and Conditioning coach
01/14/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) cut LB Troy Dumas and place LB Julius Jackson on injured reserve
01/00/01 - San Francisco Demons (XFL) sign RB Derek Brown
01/14/01 - Chicago Enforcers (XFL) cut DT Larry Townsend
01/10/01 - Las Angeles Xtreme place LB Mike Croel on the Reserved/Retired list
01/08/01 - Las Vegas Outlaws place RB Vershan Jackson on the non-football injury reserve list
01/04/01 - Las Angeles Dodgers sign P Kip Gross to a minor league contract and invite him to spring training

12/29/00 - Las Vegas Outlaws cut RB Clinton Childs and C Josh Heskew
12/22/00 - Mike Croel announced his retirement from the LA Xtreme (XFL)
12/18/00 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) sign FB/RB Vershan Jackson
12/14/00 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) sign RB Clinton Childs who had been with the Omaha Beef (IPFL)
11/16/00 - Oklahoma Wranglers (AFL) place OL/DL Josh Heskew on exempt list due to his involvement with the LV Outlaws (XFL)
11/07/00 - Browns waive LB Doug Colman off IR and place him on the practice squad
10/29/00 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) traded former Husker LB Mike Croel to the Los Angeles Xtreme in exchange for LB Joseph Tuipala, the first trade in XFL history
10/29/00 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) drafted the following players: LBs Mike Croel, Troy Dumas, Julius Jackson, Tony Ortiz, C Josh Heskew, Ss Jamal Williams, Toby Wright
10/28/00 - Las Vegas Outlaws (XFL) chose the following players in an allocation process: LBs Mike Croel, Troy Dumas, Julius Jackson, Tony Ortiz, C Josh Heskew, Ss Jamal Williams, Toby Wright
10/25/00 - Siouxland Bombers (IBL) sign Jaron Boone
09/21/00 - Cleveland Browns sign ST/LB Doug Colman
09/17/00 - Toronto Argonauts (CFL) release DE Jason Jenkins
09/04/00 - St. Louis Rams cut LB Chad Kelsay
09/05/00 - San Diego Chargers agree to a 2-year contract with DE Neil Smith
08/30/00 - Tennessee Titans sign CB Michael Booker
08/29/00 - St. Louis Rams sign LB Chad Kelsay
08/27/00 - Atlanta Falcons waive CB Michael Booker
08/27/00 - Pittsburgh Steelers waive LB Chad Kelsay
08/23/00 - Kansas City Chiefs waive C Aaron Graham
08/22/00 - Oakland Raiders cut LB Doug Colman
08/22/00 - Atlanta Falcons waived LB Jon Hesse with an injury settlement
08/22/00 - New Orleans Saints sign LB Donta Jones
08/22/00 - New Orleans Saints cut P Bill Lafleur
08/20/00 - Carolina Panthers cut LB Donta Jones
08/17/00 - Pittsburgh Steelers resign LB Chad Kelsay
08/16/00 - Jacksonville Jaguars acquire OG Brended Stai from the Kansas City Chiefs for an undisclosed pick in the 2001 draft
08/11/00 - Detroit Pistons sign Mikki Moore
08/03/00 - Kansas City Chiefs re-sign Franchise player OG Will Shields to a 1-year, $4.1 million contract
08/01/00 - Toronto Argonauts (CFL) transfered 'Import' (non-Canadian) Jason Jenkins to injured reserve
08/01/00 - New England Patriots waive special teamer Tony Ortiz
07/30/00 - Oakland Raiders cut LB Julius Jackson
07/26/00 - Atlanta Falcons restructure the contract of CB Michael Booker reducing his base salary from $1.4M to $750K and adding a $50K roster bonus. The final year of his deal was also deleted.
07/23/00 - Bears 2nd round pick S Mike Brown agrees to a 4-year contract (Terms Undisclosed)
07/20/00 - Kansas City Chiefs cut FB Vershan Jackson
07/18/00 - Giants agree to a 3-year, $935K contract with 5th round pick CB Ralph Brown. He will receive base salaries of $193K (2000), $275K (2001) and $350K (2002)
07/16/00 - Colorado Rockies traded 1B Todd Sears to Minnesota for Butch Huskey and Todd Walker
07/15/00 - New England Patriots sign LB Tony Ortiz
07/13/00 - Dallas Cowboys cut LB Tony Ortiz
07/01/00 - Toronto Argonauts (CFL) sign DE Jason Jenkins
06/29/00 - Atlanta Falcons sign LB Jon Hesse who played with the Scottish Claymores (NFLE)
06/28/00 - Dallas Mavericks trade Erick Strickland to the New York Knicks for Donnell Harvey and John Wallace
06/15/00 - Green Bay Packers sign DT Steve Warren, their 3rd round draft choice, to a 3-year deal
06/09/00 - New Orleans Saints signed DE Jared Tomich
06/06/00 - Orlando Predators (AFL) sign LB Troy Dumas who had been the Lincoln Lightning (IFL)
06/02/00 - Seattle Seahawks hire former Seahawks S Eric Stokes as area scout
05/24/00 - Oakland Raiders sign LB Doug Coleman
05/22/00 - Buffalo Destroyers (AFL) sign WR/DB Tyrone Hughes
05/08/00 - Omaha Beef (IPFL) sign RB Calvin Jones
05/04/00 - Kansas City Chiefs sign OG Brenden Stai to a three-year contract
04/20/00 - Dallas Cowboys sign undrafted free agent LB Tony Ortiz
04/18/00 - Oakland Raiders sign undrafted free agents LB Julius Jackson and S/LB Eric Johnson
04/15/00 - Green Bay Packers trade CB Fred Vinson and a 6th round pick to Seattle for RB Ahman Green and 5th round pick
2000 - Lincoln Lightning (IFL) sign Tony Veland
03/16/00 - Lincoln Lightning (IFL) sign WR Clester Johnson
2000 - The following players were contacted by the Lincoln Lightning (IFL) in 2000: QB Jeff Perino, OG Adam Julch, WR Frankie London, WR Sean Applegate, LB Brian Shaw.
2000 - Lincoln Lightning (IFL) re-sign Jeff Ogard
2000 - Lincoln Lightning (IFL) sign Jay Sims to back up offensive MVP Benning

12/29/99 - Green Bay Packers sign LB Jamel Williams
12/22/99 - New Orleans Saints placed Jared Tomich on IR (ankle)
11/24/99 - San Francisco 49ers waive RB Lawrence Phillips
06/09/99 - St. Louis Rams release SS Toby Wright
02/15/99 - Donta Jones signed as an unrestricted free agent from the Pittsburgh Steelers
02/04/99 - Montreal Alouettes (CFL) sign Barron Miles to a 3-year extension

08/25/98 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers release T Eric Anderson
08/25/98 - Arizona Cardinals release OL Jon Zatechka
08/26/98 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers released OT Eric Anderson
07/19/98 - Green Bay Packers placed rookie cornerback/safety Terrell Farley on waivers.
07/16/98 - Seattle Seahawks sign LB Mike Croel
04/21/98 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign undrafted free agent OT Eric Anderson
02/13/98 - Rob Zatechka of the New York Giants becomes a Resticted Free Agent

08/14/97 - Dallas Cowboys place DB John Reece on Injured Reserve
08/06/97 - Dallas Cowboys sign DB John Reece
08/04/97 - Atlanta Falcons release LB Mike Croel
07/24/97 - San Francisco 49ers waive fullback Jeff Makovicka
07/23/97 - Indianapolis Colts LB Trev Alberts announces retirement
07/18/97 - New Orleans Saints sign draft choice Jared Tomich
07/16/97 - Atlanta Falcons sign 1st round draft pick CB Michael Booker to five-year deal
04/04/97 - St. Louis Rams sign DB John Reece
03/11/97 - San Francisco 49ers sign fullback Jeff Makovicka

09/26/96 - St. Louis Rams sign LB Ed Stewart to practice squad
08/20/96 - St. Louis Rams release LB Ed Stewart
08/20/96 - St. Louis Rams release DB John Reece
07/15/96 - St. Louis Rams sign LB Ed Stewart who had been with Amsterdam of the WLAF
05/06/96 - Undrafted free agent TE Mark Gilman left the Bengals
04/24/96 - Cincinnati Bengals sign undrafted free agent TE Mark Gilman
04/24/96 - Houston Texans sign undrafted free agent fullback Jeff Makovicka
02/21/96 - St. Louis Rams assign DB John Reece to Amsterdam Admirals (WLAF)

11/16/95 - St. Louis Rams sign DB John Reece to the practice squad
11/10/95 - St. Louis Rams release DB John Reece
10/22/95 - Green Bay Packers release OL Joe Sims
09/09/95 - Buffalo Bills place FB Nate Turner on Injured Reserve
08/29/95 - Carolina Panthers acquired LB Travis Hill from the Cleveland Browns for Michael Bates.
08/28/95 - Philadelphia Eagles trade T Joe Sims to the Green Bay Packers for a 6th round draft choice in 1996.
08/23/95 - Denver Broncos release C Bill Lewis
08/22/95 - Carolina Panthers waive LB Ed Stewart
08/09/95 - The Browns signed tight end Trumane Bell
08/01/95 - Green Bay Packers announced the retirement of Terry Connealy, defensive tackle.
07/26/97 - St. Louis Rams sign DB John Reece
07/25/95 - Kansas City Chiefs release DB John Reece
07/23/95 - Green Bay Packers claimed defensive lineman Terry Connealy off waivers from the New York Jets.
07/22/95 - New England Patriots release TE Eric Alford
07/21/95 - New York Jets released free agent defensive tackle Terry Connealy
07/12/95 - 49ers release K Tom Sieler
06/07/95 - Kansas City Chiefs sign 3rd-round draft choice Troy Dumas
04/29/95 - Defensive tackle Terry Connealy signed with the New York Jets
04/25/95 - New England Patriots signed tight end Eric Alford
04/00/95 - Carolina Panthers sign undrafted free agent LB Ed Stewart
04/13/95 - Philadelphia Eagles sign T Joe Simes who had been with the Green Bay Packers
04/04/95 - Denver Broncos reached an agreement with free agent C Bill Lewis on a two-year, $428,000 contract
03/01/95 - Hamilton Ti-Cats (CFL) sign QB Steve Taylor

11/17/94 - Los Angeles Raiders sign DB John Reece
11/16/94 - Minnesota Vikings worked out DB John Reece but did not sign
09/02/94 - Kansas City Chiefs sign DB John Reece to the practice squad
08/29/94 - Buffalo Bills release DT John Parrella
08/28/94 - Atlanta Falcons place WR Corey Dixon on Injured Reserve
05/03/94 - Los Angeles Raiders sign TE Jamie Williams

07/18/93 - New England Patriots sign C Bill Lewis
04/06/93 - Denver Broncos signed defensive tackle Danny Noonan to a one-year contract worth $400000

08/26/92 - Atlanta Falcons waive DE LeAndre Anderson
08/20/92 Bengals cut OL Brian Boerboom

07/17/91 - Los Angeles Rams sign 8th-round draft choice LB Pat Tyrance

12/23/90 - Denver Broncos sign LB Jeff Mills
12/23/90 - Denver Broncos place LB Marc Munford on Injured Reserve

05/17/89 - New York Giants sign rookie free agent ILB Leroy Etienne
12/00/85 - The Buffalo Bills announce that they have waived Vince Ferragamo, their starting quarterback for the first nine games this season. The Bills have only won onegame with Ferragamo at the helm. He was replaced by Bruce Matheson on Nov.10
09/04/85 - Chicago Bears re-signed DT Henry Waechter
09/02/85 - Chicago Bears waive DT Henry Waechter
03/16/84 - New Orleans Breakers (USFL) traded NT Oudious Lee to Denver Gold for an undisclosed draft
09/04/82 - Chicago re-signed DT Henry Waechter
06/25/82 - Chicago signed DT Henry Waechter
08/26/81 - St. Louis Cardinals release DT Oudious Lee

07/25/77 - Cleveland Browns sign T Bob Lingenfelter
07/17/76 - Seattle Seahawks sign FB Bill Olds
05/07/75 - Miami Dolphins sign TE Jim McFarland
11/27/74 - New England Patriots place Maury Oamkraofer on IR
05/12/71 - Washington Redskins sign Ron McDole

07/27/66 - Green Bay Packers trade DE Lloyd Voss and WR Tony Jeter to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a first-round pick.
08/16/66 - Fullback Willie Ross signed a five-day tryout contract with Calgary (CFL)
07/31/66 - Buffalo Bills place Willie Ross on waivers
01/03/66 - Green Bay Packers sign Tony Jeter, their 3rd round draft choice
07/21/64 - Gene Young released by ?
04/21/60 - Buffalo Bills sign DE LaVerne Torczon (later became Buffalo's first team captain)

12/23/59 - San Francisco 49ers sign QB Tom Osborne (Hastings College), their 19th round draft choice
02/17/54 - Washington Redskins sign OT Don Boll to a two-year contract