History: NFL Draft History

  • Complete List of Huskers in the NFL Draft since 1936

  • Most Husker players ever selected in an NFL Draft is 12 in 1975. At the time the draft consisted of 17 rounds.

  • Husker First Round Selections
    1937: Sam Francis, FB, Philadelphia, 1st overall
    1937: Lloyd Cardwell, HB, Detroit, 7th
    1937: Les McDonald, End, Chicago, 8th
    1964: Bob Brown, G, Philadelphia, 2nd
    1964 (AFL): Bob Brown, T, Denver, 4th
    1964: Joe Don Looney, Back, New York Giants, 12th
    1964: Lloyd Voss, T, Green Bay Packers, 13th
    1972: Jarry Tagge, QB, Green Bay, 11th
    1972: Jeff Kinney, HB, Kansas City, 23rd
    1972: Larry Jacobson, T, New York, 24th
    1973: Johnny Rodgers, HB, San Diego, 25th
    1974: John Dutton, T, Baltimore, 5th
    1975: Tom Ruud, LB, Buffalo, 19th
    1979: George Andrews, LB, L.A. Rams, 19th
    1979: Kelvin Clark, T, Denver, 22rd
    1980: Junior Miller, TE, Atlanta, 7th
    1982: Jimmy Williams, LB, Detroit, 15th
    1983: Dave Rimington, Center, Cincinnati, 25th
    1984: Irving Fryar, WR, New England, 1st
    1984: Dean Steinkuhler, G, Houston, 2nd
    1984: Mike Rozier, RB, Houston, 1st (supplemental draft)
    1987: Danny Noonan, MG, Dallas, 12th
    1988: Neil Smith, DE, Kansas City, 2nd
    1989: Broderick Thomas, OLB, Tampa Bay, 6th
    1991: Bruce Pickens, DB, Atlanta, 3rd
    1991: Mike Croel, OLB, Denver, 4th
    1992: Johnny Mitchell, TE, NY Jets, 15th
    1994: Trev Alberts, OLB, Indianapolis, 5th
    1996: Lawrence Phillips, RB, St. Louis, 6th
    1997: Michael Booker, CB, Atlanta, 11th
    1998: Grant Wistrom, DE, St. Louis, 6th
    1998: Jason Peter, DT, Carolina, 14th
    2005: Fabian Washington, CB, Oakland, 23rd
    2007: Adam Carriker, DE, St. Louis, 13th
    2010: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Detroit Lions, 2nd
    2011: Prince Amukamara, DB, New York Giants, 19th