Huskers and the 2003 NFL Draft

Demoine Adams---
Josh Brown7222Seattle
Jon Clanton00Tennessee
Wes Cody---
Thunder Collins00Montreal (CFL)
Dahrran Diedrick00San Diego
John Garrison00Tennessee
Aaron Golliday---
DeJuan Groce4107St. Louis
Troy Hassebroek---
Chris Kelsay248Buffalo
Scott Shanle7251St. Louis
Justin Smith---
Wilson Thomas00Kansas City Chiefs
  • Report on Nebraska's Pro Day
  • An excellent Draft Database from TFY Draft Preview.
  • Gil Brandt ( Nebraska Pro Day Comments:
  • NFL Combine -
    -Dahrran Diedrick ran 4.68 and 4.63 40-yard dash. He had a 4.18 in the short shuttle and a 7.0 flat in the three-cone drill.
    -DeJuan Groce did his stuff at Combine, and did none of them here. He did participate in the position drills.
    -Chris Kelsay ran the short shuttle in 4.25 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.03 seconds, did his position drills, and nothing else.
    -Scott Shanle, like Groce, also did his position drills and nothing else. Combine Numbers provided by: ESPN & TFY Draft

Post Draft Poll Results:
Bigger Draft Surprise?
45% Scott Shanle is drafted
36% Diedrick is not drafted
18% Kelsay drops to the 2nd round
0% Josh Brown is drafted

Post Draft Poll Results 2:
Which undrafted free agent has the best chance of sticking with an NFL team?
43% Dahrran Diedrick, RB, Chargers
39% Wilson Thomas, WR, Chiefs
14% John Garrison, C, Titans
4% Jon Clanton, DT, Titans