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Team No. Name Pos Letters
at Neb
Did Not Play/Inactive
(* - Comment from Lindy's 2019 Pro Football Preview)
San Francisco 49ers 0 Daniels, Damion DT 2020 UDFA-20 r
Arizona Cardinals 25 Jones, Chris DB 2014-17 FA-18 2/0/0/1 *Former Cornhusker spent most of last year on practice squad, but played in two games.
Baltimore Ravens 4 Koch, Sam P 2002-05 D6-06 16/16 *Punted 60 times for a career-high-tying 47.4 gross average and a 39.8 net average.
Buffalo Bills 61 Long, Spencer OG 2010-13 FA-19 13/13/2/1 *Likely starts at guard, but can provide solid depth at center. Can he stay healthy?
Cincinnati Bengals 8 Morgan Jr., Stanley WR 2015-18 UDFA-19 r Practice Squad
Cincinnati Bengals 82 Carter, Cethan HB/TE 2013-16 UDFA-17 IR *Special teams contributor in 2017; missed all of last year with a shoulder injury.
Cincinnati Bengals 92 Akinmoladun, Freedom DE 2015-18 UDFA-19 r Practice Squad; Signed New York Giants practice squad
Cleveland Browns 0 Janovich, Andy FB 2012-15 TRD-20 16/7 IR; *Could see more touches in Broncos’ new scheme.
Dallas Cowboys 57 Gifford, Luke LB 2015-18 UDFA-19 r
Dallas Cowboys 2 Maher, Brett K 2009-12 UDFA-18 16/16 *Has a big leg, but needs more consistency from under 50 yards in 2019
Dallas Cowboys 94 Gregory, Randy DE 2013-14 D2-15 14/1/0/2 *Expected to be reinstated from suspension and build off 2018’s six-sack season
Houston Texans 0 Qvale, Brent OL 2010-13 UDFA-20 16/2 IR; *Quality backup who can fill-in at right tackle and both guard spots.
Jacksonville Jaguars 33 Ozigbo, Devine RB 2015-18 FA-19 r
Las Vegas Raiders 0 Amukamara, Prince DB 2007-10 FA-20 15/15/0/1 *Gets in receivers’ grill and disrupts timing; a respected team leader in secondary.
Las Vegas Raiders 0 Collins, Maliek DT 2013-15 FA-20 13/9/0/3 *Will be pushed by top pick; has always flashed talent, but can’t stay healthy.
Las Vegas Raiders 0 Pierson-El, De'Mornay WR 2014-17 FA-20 r
Las Vegas Raiders 0 Compton, Will LB 2009-12 FA-19 -
Miami Dolphins 74 Sterup, Zach OL 2012-15 PS-17 11/1/1/4 PS; *A giant at 6-9, he has been cut three times; will get a shot at right tackle.
Minnesota Vikings 31 Abdullah, Ameer RB 2011-14 FA-18 10/0/0/5 *Will compete to be backup running back; also likely kickoff returner
New England Patriots 34 Burkhead, Rex RB 2009-12 FA-17 8/4/0/0 *Seldom gets much work, but is reliable receiver, blocker, tough short-yardage runner..
New York Giants 65 Gates, Nick OL 2015-17 UDFA-18 0/0/0/0 *Will compete to provide backup tackle depth.
New York Jets 81 Enunwa, Quincy WR 2010-13 D6-14 11/10/0/4 IR; *Physical receiver who does a nice job on contested balls and running after catch.
New York Jets 72 Lewis, Alex OT 2014-15 Trd-19 10/10/0/6 *Started all 10 games when healthy, but hampered by shoulder injury.
New York Jets 0 Jackson, Lamar CB 2016-19 UDFA-20 r
Philadelphia Eagles 47 Gerry, Nathan LB 2013-16 D5-17 13/2/0/3 *Converted safety who played 134 defensive snaps last season.
Pittsburgh Steelers 0 Davis, Carlos DT 2016-19 D7-20 r
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 54 David, Lavonte LB 2010-11 D2-12 14/14/0/2 *Bucs can’t believe he’s been to only one Pro Bowl; will be moved inside in 3-4 base.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 93 Suh, Ndamukong DT 2006-09 FA-19 16/16 Making transition inside as 3-4 nose tackle. Has all the tools to make a major impact
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0 Davis, Khalil DT 2016-19 D6-20 r
Tennessee Titans 46 Kalu, Joshua DB 2014-17 UDFA-18 5/0/0/0 IR; *Was cut in middle of camp, brought back and earned some time late in the season.