Glenn Presnell

Detroit Lions
At Nebraska Detroit Lions Birthdate: July 28, 1905 - Died: September 13, 2004
Gilead, NE (DeWitt)
Letters at Nebraska: 1925-26-27
  • Bio and Accomplishments
  • Assistant Coach at Nebraska 1938-1941, 1946; Head Coach in 1942.
  • Presnell told why the Detroit Lions wear Silver and Blue: "When I went to Detroit to sign my contract, Mr. Richards said there were some samples of different colors of jerseys out on a table in the next room. My wife was there. He asked us to pick out which one we liked best. We saw that Honolulu blue and silver and said we liked it best." (
  • One of Sports Illustrated’s Top 50 Sports Figures from Nebraska
  • In 1933, the NFL's scoring record was shared by Ken Strong of the New York Giants and Glenn Presnell of the Portsmouth Spartans. Each scored 64 points, Strong in 14 games and Presnell in 11.
    The record was broken the following season by Jack Manders of the Chicago Bears who scored 76 points in 13 games. (