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  • 03/14/09 - The Bears were looking into Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz on Thursday following the Cornhuskers' pro day, according to a report. Scout Teddy Monago was on the scene for the Bears, who could also be checking out offensive tackle Lydon Murtha, who has gained a little steam since the combine. "As for Joe Ganz, the quarterback who didn't get a combine invite, he said he thought he did well. Ganz held a questionnaire from the New England Patriots as he left the workout and headed to a meeting with the Chicago Bears. "I thought I threw the ball really well, so I'm really happy with what happened," said Ganz, who measured at a hair over 6 feet. "It's really, really cool to have these guys come up to you and talk to you and talk to you and say you had a good year." - Brad Biggs, The Chicago Sun-Times
    Workout Results
    40yd Dash4.94
    20yd Dash2.90
    10yd Dash1.70
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Teams that have shown interest
New England Patriots (gave Ganz a questionaire at Pro Day
Chicago Bears: Met with Ganz at Pro Day in March; Held tryout in April